Howe Family

Howe Family

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Praises and Prayers

To keep you up to date, which I honestly suck at, I thought it was time to update our family blog. We are loving life with two kiddos.  Parker is a joy and Tucker just loves her.

There have been a few changes which have proved challenging and I'm writing this blog because many people have been asking about Tucker. For those of you that don't know, our little T has decided not to be a typical toddler. Tucker skipped crawling and decided his means of transportation would be rolling around everywhere. It was around this time we started to see his development was different than that of his peers. He started walking a little later than most, at 18 months, and has had other physical delays; for example, he cannot pull himself up or sit up from a laying position. T also has very little means of communication. After several tests and hours of observation, including appointments with specialists, Tucker qualified for speech, physical, and occupational therapy.  We are still going through the stages of trying to figure out what we can do to help T through this process and are thankful for the awesome team that has surrounded us during this time.

There are so many praises that we have seen throughout this process:

--We are so blessed and thankful that Jordan can stay home and work with Tucker through these therapy sessions.

--The team of professionals we work with are amazing at their job and fit perfectly with Tucker. They even do all therapy sessions in our home! (right now he has three one-hour long appointments each week)

--Tucker's auditory appointment (yesterday) went well and he has no problems with his hearing & Jordan survived taking three kiddos to this appointment!

--After being told it could take months to get an appointment with a developmental pediatrician it only took 2 weeks! AMAZING! Also-Lacey and Austin are coming to watch Parker and S during this appointment so that Jordan can go (it is scheduled to be 3 hours long) without worry for the other littles.

--T is already progressing so much! He has started a pre-crawl and is copying words like "kitty," "cold," "car" (his favorite), "whoa," "up," & "ball."  The physical stuff is a bit more difficult, but he is becoming more motivated and has started realizing that he can pull himself up, he just needs to try.

--The support we have from family and friends (no matter how far away) has been amazing, thank you for your encouragement and prayers!

Some prayers:

--We have our developmental pediatrician appointment next Wednesday (11/19), prayers would be appreciated as this is a long appointment and will be exhausting for both Tucker and Jordan.

--That we can figure out what may be causing this. Our therapists have some theories, but before we get into that, we want to check other things off the list.

--We are still on a waiting list for our team's occupational therapist.  We are next on the list, so hopefully that will start soon. This will mean 4 days of therapy for our little guy (and his daddy...)

--That we can trust in God.

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  1. Praying for all of these things and here to help along the way, in any way we can:) We love y'all