Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Howes are Growing by Two Feet!

It is true! Jamie is pregnant and Jordan is finally cautiously picking out his words.  The world could end as we know it.  So now that the news is out...we don't need to carefully write facebook posts and our families can stop avoiding their friends because they are worried they may spill the beans. 

Weekly Update #1

Date-we kind of have a due date (there is a small hiccup) February 20 is the current rough estimate...

Week-either 10 or 11

Size-Kumquat or Fig

Jamie's Phrase-Where is the bathroom? (these will remain family friendly-at least on the blog)

Next Dr. Appointment-August 3rd (First official ultrasound)

This summer has been fun slowly sharing our exciting news.  The Howe's received an overnight father's (or grandfather's) gift and the Johnston's landed in Charlotte to be greeted by two Starbucks cups. The siblings are ecstatic as being and auntie and uncle is awesome and our friends are extremely supportive. This adventure is just the beginning and we are excited to share it with you!

Happy July 4th! Our official dating anniversary-5 years!

Both Howes and Johnstons have onesies for their lil grandchild.

Tim & Marilyn-these are empty?

For Auntie Lacey who figured it all out despite Jordan's attempts to lie.

Chuck and Darlene are excited future grandparents! The delish congratulations bouquet.

Beach Baby :)

Yeah, we were told the wrong date initially... We'll see how things work out.


  1. I love how we've been able to see so many of these steps happen, now I just cannot wait until that baby girl gets here LOL haha Jordan you know I'm rooting for a girl:) either way I will love that cute baby so much!!! and be the best 'adopted aunt' or something ever:) YIPPPEEE I love you my friends and I am so happy for you and pray for you and this darling new addition each day!!!!

  2. and it looks like these beach pictures are correct again:)