Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, February 2, 2014

All is Merry & Bright

Christmas was very busy this year.  It was fun, however, we had a few bumps. We traveled to Atlanta, Salem (Illinois), Chicago, and Tacoma.  Driving over 35 hours, flying about 10, and two visits to the Children's Hospital definitely wore us out.  We loved seeing family, the bumps are worth it. We told everyone we were expecting baby #2 and are planning a similar trip around the country in June (ROAD TRIP!).

To fill you in on the hospital visits, T was lethargic and not eating (if you know this kid, that is NOT like him).  We went to a doc-in-the-box who sent us immediately to the hospital.  We found out he had a URI and a few days later ended up with an ear infection (YAY for the flight back to Chicago!). Needless to say, in Chicago we bummed it a bit due to a sick baby and over a foot of snow. Came home to find out that T no longer had one but two ear infections. Over the course of a month he lost 4 pounds and reached a temp of over 103! EEK! Thankfully the third antibiotic worked and halfway through January he was back to his happy self. 

Here are a few pics of T's first Christmas....

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