Howe Family

Howe Family

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Upcoming Graduation...

The lil' [boy] bugger is about to graduate to trimester numero dos! WOOT WOOT! Questions?

Accomplishment? First Trimester!
Size? Medium Shrimpy-ish
Phrase of the week? "I don't have anything to wear!" (Jordan is so tired of hearing this I'm sure) [I am]
Next Appointment? Tuesday afternoon, hearing the heartbeat :-)
Pictures? More to come. The belly is starting to take shape but nothing much to see yet... The head still makes up 1/3 of the total size. (we know it's related to Jordan)
Looking forward to? Finding out if our lil' bugger is a boy or girl next month! (Jordan wants a boy, I want a girl) [And a boy it shall be]

Other news...Jordan is staying busy with work, school, hanging out with the youth group, and bible studies while Jamie fills her time with schoolwork, feeling sick, and sleeping.  School starts for me, Jamie, really soon so I've been setting up the classroom and preparing for my students. I'm also finishing up my fifth Masters' course and starting up National Boards next month.  Church has been wonderful, I'm singing on our worship team, and we are joining a new bible study there. We'll keep you in the loop as we learn more!

[Other phrase of the week- "Jordan, you're totally winning this marriage." If I'm the final editor of the blog that must mean I get the last word too, right?]

Commentary by (Jamie) and [Jordan]

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  1. I love the blog updates but I especially love the commentary!