Howe Family

Howe Family

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are You Fixin' to Have a Baby?

Yes, ma'am, I sure am! One of the custodians at work noticed a slight bump starting to form just under my stomach and thought she would ask.  My students have also noticed the mini bump and ask me everyday how "our" little baby is doing.  They are so excited about the lil' one that they say good morning and goodbye to me and "little baby" everyday.  I just love this year's class!

Week 17:

Size: Turnip

Jamie's Quote: "I really feel like eating ________." blank=anything I smell, see or hear about...sheesh! And people, please stop talking about The Puyallup Fair Scones on facebook, it is KILLING me!

Coolest experience: FEELING BUBBLES POPPING UNDER MY TUMMY! (and no, this was not gas for which Jordan was extremely thankful)

Baby Preparation: Started researching and registering, although we keep thinking we have time, the holiday season tends to get very busy for us, so we are trying to get a lot done now!

Next Appointment: September 12th and no we will not find out the gender....yet....


 To me, it feels like a HUGE bump, but to others, well most barely notice...I have been told to be thankful for this because any future lil' Jamie and Jordans will be showing earlier :)

Other news? FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED (not to overshadow my love for baseball)!

Jordan has taken over all cooking and grocery shopping (oh how I love him!), has been assigned to work with 9-10 grade boys in the youth group and is possibly transferring to a local bible college.

Just before school started I found out that I received all financial aid to cover my National Board Certification process ($2500), which was a major blessing, all thanks to God for grants and scholarships.  In three weeks I will be halfway through my MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction! WOOT WOOT!  I am still enjoying singing on the worship team at church and feel so blessed to be there.  

CAN I JUST SAY THAT WE LOVE OUR CHURCH! We joined a bible study at church on Sundays and our non-Sandhills bible study continues to meet on Tuesdays- we are so blessed to have such amazing friends in that group. Other than that trying to get baby things in order before a busy October, November and December are upon us, seems to be our focus!


  1. SO happy for baby bump pics!! love it!!!

  2. Loving the changes to the blog, especially the banner of pics at the top!!!:)