Howe Family

Howe Family

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our first Tucker Scott post!

Yes, it has been a little while since we found out we are having little Tucker Scott Howe-BUT-life has been busy! I am 24 weeks along and my belly is poppin' out :)

I felt the need to update y'all on our lil boy's progress:

Name: Tucker Scott (boy)

Height: Over a foot!

Weight: 1.5 lbs...or more!

Our last appointment? Two weeks ago we heard a super strong heartbeat followed by the news that Tucker is slightly big (no surprise considering Jordan and I were both large babies) especially his head! All those brains need somewhere to go!!

Our next appointment? Election Day! I will also be given the pleasure of taking my glucose test-yuck!

We have been fortunate to have visitors the last couple weekends-Lacey came to visit and paint Tucker's room with awesome navy, tan and burgundy colors! Darlene is visiting this week and our house has never been so clean, Tucker's room was also given some touch ups and the painting is all done! We are also enjoying a break from making dinner and loving all of the spoiling this little boy is getting before we even get to see him in person! He is definitely going to be stylin', his closet is full of cute boy clothes thanks to grandparents and auntie Lacey.  We are feeling beyond blessed to have this amazing little boy entering our lives so soon as we count down our next 16ish weeks!

Here are a few pics of our gender reveal (pictures stolen from the Olivers...):

Alex and Andrew's House...Team B or G?
 Jessie made the pinata! It was amazing, the other side is pink but of course 
this ended up being the winning side!
A special thanks to our hosts the Olivers and the Hofts for helping with all the decor.  We also loved sharing this time with the grandparents, aunties and uncles (& cousins Inslee and Sofi) via skype.  Our fabulous bible study buddies and my coworker (who hears me talk all day long) Taurean. We love y'all and thank you for loving our little boy so much already.

A belly post will be coming soon-as well as Tucker's nursery painting job (so stinkin' adorable!). Stay posted!

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