Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Lil' Movie Star


This was our most recent attempt at a belly pic (Penny stole the show!).  You can see the awesome paint job in his nursery (thanks Jordan, Lacey & Darlene!).

Age: 27 weeks, which means he has almost graduated from his second trimester!!

Size: 2lbs and 15 inches *ish

Favorite Activity: Kicking mommy's ribs and uncontrolled hiccups (usually while I am in the middle of teaching)

Next Dr. Appointment: Monday, Nov. 26th (and his next pictures will be on Dec. 19th!)

Daddy's new nickname for Mommy: Weeble Wobble....

I can't seem to find my "It's a Boy" ultrasound picture and considering that I am extremely organized, I can't even imagine where it could be! BUT-I can "one up" that picture with this awesome video.  Here is our lil' guy at 21 weeks (6 weeks ago-sheesh how time flies)

The videos are long (be prepared and this isn't all of them!), the first one is the heart, hands and legs.  The second video is Tucker's face and heart again.  I kept asking the technician if she was sure about the gender and she answers my last question in the end of the third video (if you fast forward, you will see:).


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  1. Aww love watching it again:) Cannot wait to meet this charming adorable and cute lil boy!!! soooon:)