Howe Family

Howe Family

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is Comin'

Wow-time is flying by! Jordan and I went and cut down our Christmas tree at the same place we have gone the last two years. We loved picking the perfect tree out together, knowing that next year, it won't just be the two of us but a special little boy will be joining our tree hunt!!

2012 Howe Family Christmas Tree

Penny, Jordan, Tucker (my childhood stocking), Mine, and Kota's stockings!   



This lil' guy is growing!

We did post a stinkin long video last time, but forgot to facebook it (we have three videos but only had the time to convert one to a 'Blogger Friendly' video).  This video shows the heart, some face and that Tucker is, well definitely Tucker!

Age: Almost 30 weeks-and large (and even more in charge---of my body that is!)

Name: Tucker Scott (Scott is a family name from Jordan's granddaddy-and a very very amazing man that meant the world to Jordan)  -Tucker, well we wanted a very BOY name (we both have boy/girl names...) and we fell in love very early with this name, I "feel" that this little boy is fitting into his name nicely already!

Momma is craving: CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT SHAKE!!! Chickfila is making a killing just from the Howe fam!

Next up: Birthing class on Dec. 15th, ultrasound the 19th and WINTER BREAK (I see some major nesting in my future!).

Thankful for: Healthy lil' boy, a very wonderful hubs and another MA class done!

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