Howe Family

Howe Family

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Remember 2012...Bring on 2013!

Bring on 2013! We had a fabulous 2012 and are thankful for all of God's amazing blessings this year!

January-We entered into the year apart as Jordan was in Columbia and I was flying in from had been a great trip to my northwest, but I always miss my hubs so much that I enjoyed seeing him! I also realized I was entering into my last year of 20 something...YIKES!  To feel young, I began to take classes again but this time for a Master's Degree! The hardest but most amazing part of this year happened during January, my Grandpa J passed away.  Why is this amazing? He has suffered enough with alzheimers and it was time for him to meet the Lord.  A time we should all look forward to. I was extremely blessed to see him over my winter break, just two weeks before he passed, some of me feels that he had waited for me to see him and say goodbye before those final days ended and I was blessed beyond measure to have a God Fearing man for a grandpa.  I was also able to fly out the next weekend and attend his memorial service, praising the Lord for his life and the time I was able to have with him. I love you Grandpa J!
With Grandma and Grandpa J at our wedding reception in Tacoma

February-Cruisin! Oh yeah we did! We went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise with Mom and Dad Johnston.  It was awesome, beautiful and the weather was PERFECT! This was my idea of a vacation, and it was nice to spend it with my parents and husband all in one!

Scary St. Thomas Drivers!

On the boat, hamming it up!

Cute Parents!
Not the greatest picture-but I miss those dinners!

Love myself some Bahamas!

March-We took in our first foster pup Daisy.  This began a line of foster animals and I told Jordan, we foster until we get pregnant....well that lasted until June.  We saw two beautiful pups adopted and took care of a blind foster along with a mama kitty and her two babies.  It was a real blessing! I also was able to full fill an almost lifelong dream of seeing Elton John live and hearing one of my favorite songs, I don't care that Jordan made fun of me for crying about it!


Sir Elton

A bit excited (well I am at least!)

April-Spring Break and new church members! We love our church family at Sandhills and although we are pretty new, feel right at home any time we walk through the doors.  Jordan works with the youth group and I am on the worship team.  God is certainly blessing us through the people in this church (and the wonderful music and messages we hear every Sunday!)

May-Jordan and I decided we were ready for parenthood which leads me to...

June! God also decided that it was time for us to be blessed and we found out that we were pregnant (it was a shock because we weren't really expecting God to answer this prayer so quickly!).  My (Jamie's) parents came to visit and we couldn't help but tell them the exciting news as Jordan and I also sent a surprise package to Chuck and Darlene so all the grandparents could find out on Father's Day! What a great Father's Day it was-Jordan, a new Daddy and my dad right there with me to celebrate!
Baby Howe!

Yay for grandbabies!

Congrats on becoming parents!

I wasn't 100% sure...although I know the tests are completely 100% sure...

We went and visited Lacey in Atlanta-World of Coke!

Braves game after The Varsity!

July-I was able to fly over and visit my fam bam! Got to spend a lot of time with my cute little niece and spread the joyous news that we would soon be adding to the family as well! It was fun to tell everyone in person :) We also went on a day trip to the beach with the Olivers...

August-School started and I began my 5th year of teaching (with another year of long-term subbing).  I also found out the exciting news that JJ and Shannon would be having another baby! I was going to be an auntie again!!

As September seemed uneventful, I did start to notice a small little bump starting to form! We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl yet but I felt like all my pants were just a little too tight!

October brought us more events!We spent a weekend camping and hiking-it was great to get some fresh air with the Privetts and Hofts, it was also fun to get Penny and Kota out and about! Jordan also went on a youth retreat with Sandhills.
 Our loving friends Alex and Andrew and Jessie and Daron hosted a Gender Reveal party for us.  We were able to share the news via skype with our small bible study group friends and family all at once. Jessie made this fabulous giant pink and blue question mark pinata which was busted to reveal blue candy!! Tucker Scott is our lil' guy! Thanks to yummy food from Alex and Jessie, a beautiful new home (the Oliver's) and awesome friends, we were able to celebrate the wonderful news together. 

November was nice and a little more laid back, we went to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with Jordan's family and it was fun to catch up with everyone there!

December-We have hit 33 weeks and as the previous posts have shown-I am in the nesting stage! We were home for Christmas this year and the Howe fam came to visit us! The pups and the family had a great time and we know that in only weeks we will be repeating this fun time! We also found out our lil guy is absolutely normal, I have a boring pregnancy and, well, Tucker is running a little bigger than average...

Excited about this next year-more memories ahead and blessings to come.  We thank the Lord for His provision and pray that we continue to praise and thank Him everyday for every blessing.

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  1. Wow, you did a great job remembering so many great things over this past year!! How exciting!!!