Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, December 30, 2012


So I have read, heard and witnessed the "nesting" part of pregnancy and now I am actually experiencing it! Thank goodness for a couple weeks off to prepare the house for Tucker as his arrival should be in the next 7 weeks...YIKES & YAY. His due date it just 6.5 weeks away but Jordan and I will be surprised if he is on time or early (as JJ and Jordan were both extremely late babies!).  If you know me well, you know that I like to organize to the point of it being extremely annoying (OCD-ish) so nesting has been fun! Grandparents, family and friends have already started spoiling this little boy and we are excited to spend more time with family and friends during the month of January as they continue to bless us and our little guy. So far, here are pictures of my (and my assistant's) progress.

This is in the entry of our bathroom hall and MA closets...He will spend some time in Jordan's baby crib before moving to the nursery.

Such a cute cradle and set!

My crafty sister-in-law who has an almost two year old and is pregnant with our first nephew (due just weeks after Tucker!) made these for us for Christmas and we LOVE them! We left room for more...hint hint :)

The almost complete set up...

Poor Jordan lost his mancave couch...had to do some re-arranging!
The mancave ended up with the desk (which was where Tucker's cradle is), the nursery's old bed, and a rocker so I have a quiet place to go during the middle of the night shifts!

My Uncle Jim (dad's side) made this for me when I was in junior high and we painted it red for Tucker's room, love the splash of color!

This was clearly Jordan's, made by his grandaddy.  It was sanded and stained by Tucker's grandaddy and daddy!

Thank you Grandma Nellie for the cute sport "Tucker Scott" piggy bank (aka-college fund collection jar). 

The teether was once Jordan's, handmade from one piece of wood! Tucker's pops (Grandpapa Tim) made the UGA name-Jordan LOVES it!

More treasures from Jordan's childhood!

The car was Jordan's growing up, however, the baseball clearly came from Grandpapa Tim! 

Oh my gosh, how cute is that????!!!!
Quite a lot done in just 24 hours! To think, these were all in boxes just the day before (check an earlier post for a picture!)

Babies R Us had a decent sale on wipes and diapers...we stocked up!

I love that Jordan's baby toys fit perfectly in this room, it will certainly be adorable to see Tucker playing with his daddy's childhood toys.

I love this bookend...

This piece of furniture was a thorn in our side! Well mostly Chuck and Jordan's but hey, it looks good now!

Oh how we love craigslist....

I would like one of these fluffy car seat covers for myself please!

Oh and I love our consignment shops (not only do we find great finds but we also sold enough of our junk to get this for free!!!!)

Jordan's high may be a while, but I am excited to see Tucker sitting there!

So much fun stuff done (some of it wasn't really that much fun, for instance painting and putting furniture together) and so much left to do! We have a few projects up our sleeves, a few fun showers this next month and some cute things to hang....I am super excited and filled with anticipation as I think about Jordan and I meeting our lil guy in just a few weeks!

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