Howe Family

Howe Family

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Beginning is Near....

What is near? Meeting our little guy face to face!!!

How many weeks? I just passed 39 weeks and so far....Tucker is staying cozy!

What does the doc say? He will be here by the 20th -one way or another!

What have I learned through this pregnancy? Well today I learned what a real contraction feels like.  While the doctor measured my stomach I guess I was having one.  The funny thing was-she told me I was having a contraction and I said, "weird, I don't feel anything" (I love that I can make my doctor laugh at every appointment)...YIKES! I know I will eventually feel something, but pain has never been an issue for me, so hopefully that will help in labor (yes, yes, I know I will still feel A LOT of pain...I'm not thinking this will be a piece of cake people).

Staying busy? Yes, I am finishing my 9th Master's Class, teaching until I pop, and working on National Boards-enough said!

Nursery? Hanging the last remaining decorations up this weekend-final pics to come soon.  Although we will take some pictures of his cradle nook in our closet entry, it is adorable!

To do list? Our doctor gave us homework, but we feel as prepared as new parents can possibly be. Also picking up Tucker's grandparents tomorrow and the 15th-excited for them to meet their little, and I'm predicting, amazingly adorable grandson!

Next Doctor's Appointment? Friday the 15th, our very last one and I must say, my doctors (I have two) are AMAZING! I love them!

Predictions? I believe Tucker will come the 16th and be about 9 lbs....Jordan says-9lbs 5 oz. and whatever day we are induced...cheater.

OTHER NEWS? We are hoping to come visit the northwest area the end of March, so pray for great health and time off for Jordan.  We are also trying to time it with the birth of our first nephew so we can see all the cousins together-cute photo op? I should think so!

Thanks y'all for following our blog, this adventure is just beginning and we are excited to start showing off our first little RUGRAT!

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  1. Thinking of you and this exciting journey you have been on. Wishing for the best. Ethan was a 9-pounder, btw. :)