Howe Family

Howe Family

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Traveling We Must Go!

(Jamie) Three more days of school and one more month until I have a MA in Curriculum and Instruction.  I am keeping my head above water, but it hasn't been easy! This spring has been monumental.  Not only did I finish and submit my National Boards (I will be surprised if I get above a 2 on any of my entries....) along with having Tucker, but I also put together our fifth grade promotion (my fifth grade team is awesome so I can't take all the credit), tried to be the best team leader I could be, moved classrooms for next year and entered into my last class for graduate school (one more month and I'm freeeee!).  Can I say-BUUUUSY?!! Thank goodness for supportive friends, family and most importantly-Jordan! After editing countless papers, he has truly been my biggest cheerleader.  Thank you J for your patience, I LOVE you!

So...after a busy year (probably the busiest of my life), it is time to go on vacation.  Yes, I will be finishing my last class and capstone, but I will manage as Tucker and I travel across the country.

First stop? Atlanta on Saturday.  We will have a fabulous dinner with the Scott family and show off the newest little addition

Second stop? Salem, Illinois. Yet another fabulous dinner as we introduce Tucker to the Howe fam bam!

Third stop? Chicago. Zoo, parks, downtown Elmhurst and Mia & Grandaddy-sounds like fun!

Fourth stop? Tacoma & our first plane ride! Tuck and I will be flying up to see the Johnstons! J will join us for a few days of family time, corn hole, pictures and whatever else we get ourselves into.

Fifth stop? Salem, OR-not sure when, but sometime within our two week stay Tuck and I will be visiting the Leaches!

Then on June 28th our traveling adventure will end as we fly across the country and back to Atlanta to meet J (just in time for his birthday!).

Excited, anxious and ready to go, can't wait to see some of you!!

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  1. You are a busy bee and it's all going to be worth it, especially when it's all finished!! Congrats and enjoy all of your traveling. Your pups are loving being with their fave pals:) See you soon!! (well in a month)...I might look like I have a baby in here by then :) or maybe not LOL, we shall see.