Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tucker's Travels...Part 1

So...Crazy Summer? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY! Tucker may only be five months old (his four month and five month posts are coming) but this kid has traveled to 8 states! He has been on a road trip half-way across the United States and flew the other half of the way.  This mom was a little anxious but it turns out, we've got a terrific traveler on our hands (and I will choose to fly Southwest ANY time in the future if I can when flying with kiddos).


June 8th-10th: School is out for the summer! Darlene (Jordan's mom, Tucker's Mia), Jordan (in a separate car), Tuck & I headed to Atlanta.

Here we hung out with Jordan's family-they finally got to meet the little guy!

June 11th: Darlene, Tucker and I left the booming city of Atlanta to head up to Salem, Illinois to visit the other side of Jordan's family.
This road trip was a little lengthy but Tucker was a trooper (along with Daisy and Calli in the back of the car). We made a short stop at the Daily Planet where Tucker was able to show his true identity...Super Baby!!

Next Stop:

June 11th-13th: WE MADE IT! Salem, Illinois.  Tucker and the older people hung out for a few days with the family and then it was time to head to the big city of CHICAGO.

About an hour away!

June 13th and five hours later-Chicago! We made it, Tucker was a trooper and the fun was just beginning!

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