Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tucker's Travels...Part 4: Washington State

Landing in Washington just a few days shy of his four month birthday, Tucker was excited to meet a bunch of new people.  He had met and fallen in love with Jordan's family, now it was time to meet mommy's family!

Here are a few pictures from the trip, and there are some on the next blog-uploading issues (there may be another blog when I get pictures from my family).

Point Defiance Zoo

Grandpa and Sofi (my dad and niece)

Shannon (sister in law), Jordan, Grandma J, Tucker, JJ (my brother) , Sofi (my niece), Mom & Dad (my relation)....where is River (my nephew)?

Shannon and Sofi are a bit smaller than the Polar Bears 

Red Wolves (they were wide awake and beautiful)

Asia Exhibit-The Tiger

A little snack?

Another Tiger...wish I had pictures of her cub (she is two months younger than Tucker)

Touching the Stingrays

"Ta Da" she says :)

Salem, Oregon

Great-Grandma Leach

Great Grandpa Leach

More from Washington
Bath Time at Grandma and Papa's

Cousins just 6 weeks apart! River and Tucker

Super Dad and Super Baby

Indiana Baby


Ready for some Disneyland...fitting right in at the Johnston home!
No cheating at Canasta!

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