Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wardrobe $15

So I'm one of those coupon, deal finder, cheap and proud of it mommas.  Yes, I embarass Jordan in line sometimes because I get upset over forgetting a coupon that would have saved us $ adds up people! Because Jordan will be staying home next year as I return to teaching, we have had to find ways to cut back our expenses.  We don't eat out often, no cable, paid off our cars quickly, use coupons, the usual stuff.  Well another way we save money is through consignments.  Once Upon A Child is my favorite place-ask my close friend and is addicting, cute little boy clothes for cheap! Well, I wanted to take a minute to brag about my super find this weekend....

all of this....$15! I must say, their stuff-a-bag event was pretty awesome.  Strapped the little guy in my Ergo and off we went. It was crowded, but we survived and I think it definitely paid off :)

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  1. Really paid off, can't wait until they have this again, and lil Lucas is here so I can get stuff I know we'll need. I am obsessed with buying right now, but it's hard to know truly what I'll need. THIS IS GREAT :)