Howe Family

Howe Family

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tucker's Travels....Part 5: Washington Continued

We went to the zoo, park, met cousins Sofi and River, dad came for part of the visit, met great grandma Leach and great grandpa Leach and great grandma J.  Also met Uncle JJ and Auntie Shannon.  We got to spend time with Ryan and Brenda, Inslee and little baby Quinn.  The trip to Oregon was exciting and yet another road trip in the Tucker Travels road trip book. We also saw many people at church (my church family growing up) which was so much fun.  Lastly, our time with family was wonderful.  We grilled with close family and friends, it was so special to see all of them. I miss my northwest, especially all of you at New Life, my friends and family.

Like Papa...he can sleep anywhere.

We missed father's day with daddy so we sent this picture!

Great Grandma J

At the Zoo


Sleeper Hold

Another road trip...

in the rain....

to Salem.
The gangs all here...except Uncle Mark!

Grandma and Tuck

Family and Friends

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  1. Love all the family pics. Also, love watching Tucker grow as you look back