Howe Family

Howe Family

Friday, December 28, 2012


We were blessed to celebrate Christmas Eve with Jordan's parents and sister, as well as the four Howe pups.  Spending time preparing a delish meal (mostly prepared by Darlene) and then heading off to church to celebrate the real reason we can be full of joy this time of year-the coming of our savior.

Christmas morning was also spent with the Howe fam bam! We were able to skype with my mom and dad (and Grandma and Grandpa Leach) clear in Washington and are super excited about our corn hole and bocce ball sets (it is going to be a fun spring!!!) as well as the CUTEST Underarmour sweatsuit and Adidas tennies for the Tuckster. I also got to talk to my brother and niece on the phone-they told me that Tucker was going to have a little boy cousin coming in April-ish! Woo Hoo! Tucker will have a best friend cousin just weeks younger than he is!

After opening presents that morning, we went and saw Les Mis (I loved it-and my expectations were very high!).  I did not spend the whole time singing, may have cried a few times (I'm pregnant! I did cry throughout the book and musical though too). The Howes spend Christmas night allowing me to "nest" as I am preparing for a little guy in just weeks!

Here are some pictures of Christmas morning (wish I had some of the afternoon with my parents but we were busy skyping and this pregnant woman can't handle too much at once right now!).

Kota and Daisy are ready Santa Lacey!

Uh Oh....Puppies like presents too!

Penny loves her new soccer ball

Pretty Cali

Puppies and raw hides=puppy heaven!

Such a gorgeous tree! Jordan picked it out this year!!

Lacey is super excited!

Jordan and his bath toys...

I see a sports theme....

Auntie Lacey is making sure that Tucker is a UGA fan!

Daddy is super excited to watch the UGA football games with his little baby!

Excited much?!

Tucker's Mia

Granddaddy Est. 2013

One cute hubs right there!

Not so sure about this shirt but Lacey has good taste!

Just what you need for that Chicago weather!

Jordan and more bath toys....

Open Lacey OPEN!

I was so excited that Jordan couldn't get the camera focused!

another envelope? YAY!

Oh My Goodness! There are pictures of our baby furniture in all these envelopes! AAAAHHHH! I think my face explains it all!

Very excited mommy and daddy right there...thank you Howe fam!

I kept asking-when do we get to pick it up? Little did I know, it had been out in Lacey's car the whole time!
What a great Christmas! It was very special to spend it with Chuck, Darlene, Lacey, Calli and Daisy as well as my own sweet family. I really missed my northwest family, especially for the traditions I've made growing up with mom, dad and jj but I will get to see them soon-very soon! The countdown until Tucker arrives has begun-45 days until his due date and not long after we will be coming to visit.  Until then, I have plenty of nesting to do, national boards to prepare and a Master's class to finish....Nursery pictures are next-so stay tuned!!

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  1. Such a sweet family!! love the present surprise:) so sweet!!