Howe Family

Howe Family

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thank You!

We received a box on Christmas Eve and if you know Jordan well...he doesn't have the patience to wait to open things! I realized it was from Grandma J (great-grandma) and quickly sent her a text to let her know that we got it!! She quickly wrote back that it was from her, Uncle Mark, Aunt Starla, Aunt Kristi and Uncle Jim! YAY! They may live across the states, but we were so thankful that they wanted to spoil us (well mostly Tucker-which is exactly what we wanted this Christmas!). So we were given the go ahead and here is what came of it....

Jordan is actually taking the time to read the card!!!
Cute-Tucker is going to be stylin'
So many cute Tucker things, we are super excited to finally get to use them soon!
Penny likes baby boy things...she really likes baby toys (that should be interesting!).
It wouldn't be "Johnston" without a little Mickey!! VERY CUTE!

Notice the Mickey blocks! We love it ALL!

This is the first Christmas break that I haven't gone to my Washington home and it wasn't easy, but we will be visiting sometime early spring and bringing with us a cute lil' guy! Thank you family for spoiling us-we miss and love you!

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