Howe Family

Howe Family

Friday, December 21, 2012

See You in 8 Weeks!

Once more we got to delve into the wonderful world of medicine and insurance... Well, I say once but I really mean twice as Jamie was scheduled for two appointments today. Side note- I'm fairly sure she's literally trying to bore me to death, dragging me to these aptly named waiting rooms, waiting MULTIPLE hours for an APPOINTMENT... What does that word mean anyway?? Well, Oxford's English Dictionary defines the word "appointment" as... Wait, sorry, I started rambling there and all of a sudden I'm starting a valedictorian's speech. For those of you who know me, I certainly did NOT finish at the top of my class... I digress, both appointments went swimmingly, as soon as the people deigned to see us (sorry).

Up first was the bane of my existence ultrasound appointment down at the second circle of hell main campus of Palmetto Richland.  When we were finally seen... Wait, let me back up. So we're in the waiting room, probably 7 moms to be in front of us, one of whom brought her husband and two kids, an 8 year old boy and his 12 year old sister.  The kids had to be left outside as no one under 18 is allowed in the exam rooms. I guess they just really don't want to be on an MTV "reality" show with that kind of attitude... Anyway! The kids were actually really well behaved until everyone had been taken back except Jamie and I, then it was time for the boy to launch the attack. It was full on laser warfare (AKA: Finger lasers), crawling through the trenches (read: under and between chairs), and showing no mercy to the other side (as in claiming to have blown up his sister, even though they both CLEARLY stated that behind their respective rows of chairs was their "base").  This exercise certainly opened Jamie's eyes to the reality of raising boys.

The ultrasound tech, Asia, was hilarious and really helpful. Keep it on the DL, but we got these 3D shots because she snuck down to another room, snagged their 3D camera wand, and printed them off before anyone was any the wiser... One thing we learned, Jamie is going to need some serious prayer and so is our little boy... His head is measuring above the 97th percentile, his abdominal cavity above the 96th, yet his legs are only at the 31st.  We are in for a seriously chubby, dwarfy, Buddha baby... And Jamie's got to figure a way to deliver this "little" bundle of joy!

After running a few more errands we hit up the satellite campus for the actual check up.  Things went really well, Dr. Greene went sweeping in and out with her usual boisterous bedside manner, but not before answering a few nagging questions (no, they're not nagging just because Jamie was asking them, silly).  Things are looking and sounding really good, apparently.  According to the doctor, all things being equal they won't induce before the 6th of February or let her go past the 20th.  So unless Mr. Tucker decides to make an unscheduled appearance, we now have a more solid idea as to when we'll actually get to meet him!

Hope that you enjoy all of the pictures, we'll do our best to keep this a bit more updated. Shouldn't be difficult as we have two appointments in the next month and after that they go to once a week.

Merry Christmas to you, thanks for keeping up with us! And, as always, this message will self destruct in five seconds...

 Why yes, I will wave to you...or actually try to wave you AWAY! This is me, all 5.1 pounds at just 32 weeks. Yep, I am gonna be a big boy :)
 Okay, enough it enough...just like his dad, hates pictures!
Merry Christmas! Love, Tucker.


  1. Yay for a few cute pics of the face before he started acting line daddy lol

  2. Yay for a few cute pics of the face before he started acting line daddy lol