Howe Family

Howe Family

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Four Legged Babies!

We don't post enough about our little pups (and I'm sure come February, it may be even less) but I wanted to post a few cute pics of our play time. I've been trying to get them used to the nursery and that it is a safe and fun place, also trying to train Penny to stop jumping on anyone that comes to visit (don't want her jumping all over Tucker in his carseat!). Preparing to introduce our lil' guy to these precious babies is so important to us and if you have any suggestions-please share!

Grandparents will be bringing home blankets that smell like Tucker and us so hopefully that can prepare them for his arrival! I really can't wait to see how cute Kota and Penny are with this little guy.  Kota is kind of the mother dog, she loved playing mom to our foster kitties last summer and I'm sure she won't leave Tucker alone. Penny, well she is more interested in Tucker's toys-she is kind of a baby herself, so we will see how that goes.

Kota is helping me "nest"

Penny is anticipating a super mom throw so she can chase her new soccer ball

This is Kota's "please pet me" look

Please hurry up Tucker! I want to play with you!

This is going to be my baby.


Do these shoes fit?

Kota is warming up the rocker :)  I'm sure she will spend many hours here!

Hey-don't forget to take a picture of my cute face!

It has been nice to spend some relaxing time with these girls. I can't believe we adopted Kota almost 4 years ago! She is such a laid back an awesome pup, can't imagine life without her! Penny, on the other hand, keeps us on our toes.  We found her over a year and a half ago, running around the park and after weeks of searching for her owner, she became ours! These two have truly blessed J and I and we are so thankful for those out there that support adoption!

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  1. Sure do loves these furbabies!!! your dogs love photos:) and are so photogenic!!